Beginner Obedience

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Raising a puppy is not easy but in the end it is going to be worth it.

What do we teach in puppy class?

Our puppy course begins with an explanation of our reward-based training methods that we use. Over the remainder of the course we cover off the following:

  • Positioning – sit, down with verbal and hand signals
  • Recall – various steps to build up a basic recall
  • Walking off lead close by using a training lead
  • How to correctly discipline your dog
  • Meeting other dogs
  • Meeting people
  • Walking without pulling on the lead
  • Heel
  • How to enter and exit your front door
  • Managing visitors to your home / Greeting your dog
  • Q&A – Toilet training, barking, jumping up, etc

Puppy courses run regularly throughout the year so get in touch to confirm the next course dates.