Puppy socialisation and beginner obedience — Saturday 7th November


Puppy socialisation and beginner obedience course

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Puppy socialisation and beginners course. 

Dates:  Saturday 7th November @ 10am running as a 5 week course

Venue: Outdoors at the British Legion off Betts Way KT6 5HT

Lesson 1  – Introduction to each other and socialisation
The overall focus of the first session is on socialisation and handling.  We will do introductions and find out about each puppy in class.

Lesson 2,3,4,5,6 – Focus on Obedience
The rest of the lessons will move into puppy obedience. We will also discuss puppy discipline, how to handle puppy biting, toileting and other Q&A’s. We encourage the puppies to meet one another and build their confidence in a secure environment.  The curriculum is covered below.

We also ask that puppies have completed their first vaccinations before coming along.   Please bring your puppy with a regular collar and lead and some treats with you.

Course curriculum 

  • Introduction to training methodology
  • Puppy handling
  • Socialisation
  • Watch me and discipline
  • Positioning – sit, down with verbal and hand signals
  • Recall
    • Step 1 – puppy recall
    • Step 2 – Tease recall
    • Step 3 – Basic off lead recall
  • Meeting other dogs
  • Meeting people
  • Walking without pulling on the lead
  • Heel and paying attention
  • How to enter and exit your front door
  • Managing visitors to your home / Greeting your dog
  • Q&A – Toilet training, barking, jumping up, etc