Puppy Introduction – Online Course

Why do an online course?

Online courses are for everyone ,not just those owners who can’t get to a local in person dog training course.

It means you can get started with your puppy as soon as you are ready.  No need to wait for the next course to start or even puppy vaccinations to leave home.

They are great as a full training package that you can work on with your dog or as an aide for training you are doing with a club.

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Lesson 1: Welcome & Introduction

This lesson covers off the requirements and equipment needed for this course.

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Lesson 2: What is reward based training?

What do we mean when we say reward based training. What different rewards are there.

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Lesson 3: Q&A Puppy mouthing and biting

This is a helpful session on what to do and how to tackle puppy biting.  

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Lesson 4: Q&A Toilet Training

Some quick tips on getting a good start on toilet training your new puppy.

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Lesson 5: Basic positions - The Sit

Mastering the basic sit.  Then we move on to holding these positions for longer.

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Lesson 6: Basic positions - The Down

How to teach the basic position of down.

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Lesson 7: Separation Anxiety

We talk through strategies about how to set your puppy up to be confident when you are not with them.

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Lesson 8: Jumping Up

How to tackle the unwanted behaviour of  puppies jumping up at you.


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