Beginner Obedience

Your Online Beginners Course.

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Lesson 1 : Welcome & Introduction

Welcome to The Doggy School beginner obedience course. This lesson covers off the requirements and equipment needed for this course.


Lesson 2 : What is reward based training?

This lesson covers off what we mean when we say reward based training. By the same token we discuss what we don’t mean too. 


Lesson 3 : Basic positions - Sit & Down

This lesson shows you how to teach the basic positions of sit and down. Once that has been mastered then we move on to holding these positions for longer.

10 min.

Lesson 4 : Recall - Level 1 puppy recall

We start our recall journey as soon as we can with our dogs. This lesson focuses on the ifrst step which is puppy recall and is done on a lead.


Lesson 5 : Recall - Level 2 tease recall

This lesson builds on from puppy recall and we move to doing a recall without a lead.


Lesson 6 : Recall - Level 3 basic recall

We finish off with recall off lead in a basic environment.


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