Home visits and Private training

We can get your puppy off to the best start by providing home visits to ensure that you can get any questions answered and set up your home environment correctly.

We also offer the same for anyone who has just rescued a dog and would like some additional help in those first few weeks.

Alternatively you may have a specific issue you would like to work on and we can do this on a one to one basis.

Puppy Classes and Socialisation

We begin our course with an explanation of our reward-based training methods used. Over the remainder of the course we cover off the following:

  • Positioning – sit, down with verbal and hand signals
  • Recall
    • Step 1 – puppy recall
    • Step 2 – Tease recall
    • Step 3 – Basic off lead recall
  • Walking off lead close by using a training lead
  • How to correctly discipline your dog
  • Meeting other dogs
  • Meeting people
  • Walking without pulling on the lead
  • Heel
  • How to enter and exit your front door
  • Managing visitors to your home / Greeting your dog
  • Q&A – Toilet training, barking, jumping up, etc

Intermediate Obedience and socialisation

Once you have completed a basic puppy course you then move on to the intermediate course. Here you start to explore more intermediate and advanced techniques building on the foundation we built during the puppy course.

Recall – reinforce basic recall from beginner obedience then progressing to intermediate recall practise.  Distance, distraction and out of sight.

Stays – working from a basic stay through intermediate stays and progressing to advanced stays for those who can.

Obedience – working with a loose lead utilising the core skills: sit, down, stand, heel, stays and recalls.

Obedience – starting to work off- lead utilising the core skills: sit, down, stand, heel, stays and recalls.

Socialisation exercises incorporating dogs attention.

Distance work – working away from our dogs and using hand and voice signals to demonstrate control.

Tricks and some fun – lefts and rights, touches and finishes.

Beginner agility

Courses in beginner agility cover off how to tackle the course obstacles correctly and safely for you and your dog. We work with tunnels, weaves, jumps, tyre jumps and the contact equipment using the A-frame and see-saw. All equipment is taught to competition standard.

Club agility

We run a Saturday club for those who want to regularly train and do agility with their dogs but not compete competitively. These sessions are relaxed and friendly with a focus on having fun with our dogs.